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St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes


St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and these St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes are SO fun! Whether you are looking for festive St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes to make for a party or your kids, there is definitely a cupcake that will catch your eye here!

St Patrick's day cupcakes

Rainbow Swirl Frosting

rainbow frosting cupcake

Food coloring | piping bags | sprinkles | piping tip

These rainbow swirl cupcakes look so fun an are actually quite easy to create! All you’ll need is a big batch of vanilla buttercream dyed in your desired colors, some Saran Wrap, a Wilton 1M star piping tip, and of course some cupcakes to decorate! Simply lay out your Saran Wrap on the counter and spread your colors of buttercream side by side on top of the wrap. Once you have all the colors you desire on the wrap, roll it into a cylinder shape. Then cut off the bottom of the role, and stick it into your piping bag fitted with your piping tip. Twist the top of the bag, and you are ready to pipe! Watch this video here for a better visual! Top with some gold sprinkles, and you have the cutest St. Patrick’s Day inspired rainbow cupcake! 

Mint Cookies & Cream

mint cookies and cream cuopcakes

These Mint Cookies & Cream cupcakes are so festive looking, and taste amazing! Use your favorite cookies and cream cupcake recipe to make the cupcakes, and then make the following modifications: Add in 2 teaspoons of mint extract (Make sure you are using mint extract and NOT peppermint! They DO taste different!) to the buttercream and one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and add in a bit of green food coloring into the buttercream to make them look more festive! I also love adding the green food coloring to the marshmallow filling on the inside for a surprise when you take the first bite. 

Lucky Charms 

lucky charms St. Patrick's Day cupcakes

Edible glitter

Adding Lucky Charms to your vanilla cupcakes can be such a fun and easy was to dress up a simple cupcake! All you’ll need to recreate this look is some blue food coloring, and handful of Lucky Charms, and my favorite part: edible glitter! Edible glitter adds the perfect touch to any dessert, instantly making it a million more times more exciting!

Happy baking! Stay tuned for more St. Patrick’s Day cupcake ideas and recipes, drop any questions you have below, and be sure to follow Tiny Bird Bakeshop on Instagram for more ideas and tutorials!



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Saturday 2nd of March 2024

These St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes are so bright and fun!! The rainbow swirl is so cool and I love that bright blue frosting with the lucky charms!🩷